18 Feb 2016

Olive green long skirt and crop top

olive green long skirt

Hey Guys!
How is everyone :) I am so sorry I have been MIA but law school takes all my time and it's so not easy to keep up but I promise I am back now.
It was my birthday last week Friday and it was an amazing day for me, sorry there was no birthday post or anything because I really just wanted to enjoy my birthday and it was definitely amazeballs!!!!
I didn't want to celebrate but I ended up getting a lot of surprises from friends and the boo and it was definitely a birthday to remember, and Just because my birthday is two days to valentine I get to celebrate twice lol! double gifts and cakes and enjoyment. I actually enjoyed my life and that's part of why I haven't blogged in a while....well maybe not entirely true.
So back to real life, I took these pictures like 2 weeks ago and I decided to finally post them, you guys know I love skirts and I found this skirt long time ago while thrifting *wink* and I have been thinking of how to style it and I came up with like a 100 ways and I was like ok chill Larisa :D, anyways I will make a look book of different ways to style this skirt so watch out!! By the way guys I have a surprise for you all so just chill you will get to know in my next post.
I decided to pair with a white crop top and gold heels to match and a silver statement necklace, you can totally wear this anywhere not so serious... where you can have fun and still look hot at the same time.
I hope you like?
How would you style yours?
Have an amazing day guys.
Stay Fab!

Top: Charllotte Russe// Skirt: Thrifted// Shoes: Shoe Republic La// Necklace: Mail me



  1. The skirt is lovely! An item I would totally wear, thrifting always comes through. Love how you've styled it with the crop and statement necklace. I'm looking forward to the surprise.
    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you love, it will deff look good on you :)

  2. Oh, you have the best birthday! Love your skirt. The whole look too!

  3. Oh, you have the best birthday! Love your skirt. The whole look too!

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  5. I hope you had an amazing birthday celebration! That lip colour looks amazing on you, and that slit detail!!
    Much love xx


  6. That's how I'm still waiting for my cake. Love the skirt and the way you paired it. Excited for the look book and surprise.


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