11 Jan 2016

How to style a Duster Jacket (Two ways)

         Dress: Jane norman// tee: H and M// Jean: SheInside// Jacket: 5k Shop HERE// Shoe: Lolashoetique

          Hey Guys
Today I am showing how to style a waterfall Duster Jacket.
This jacket was trending a lot in 2015 and even tho I try not to follow trends, I actually really liked it and I wanted one for myself, I loved the length and the colour. It looked so perfect and so finally, I purchased this beige one from the 5k Shop.
You can wear them with skirts, Dresses or Jeans. Here are two ways I'm wearing the Jacket.

For the first look I am wearing a little black dress, with a statement necklace, paired with a lace up shoe and then the duster to complete the look.
For the second look I am wearing a black tee and black jeans with a lace up shoe and also the duster jacket.
If you love kimonos I think you might love this jacket, I think I actually prefer the Duster that looks like a kimono because It's straight, but still, I love this one too.

I hope you like?
How would you Style your's?
Have a nice week
Please share guys



  1. You and your clean images and classy looks slaying everytime.
    Love that jacket and your shoes.


  2. Love the waterfall duster, this is actually one of my fav trends of 2015. I love look 2, the pairing with the high waist pants is classic. Love the addition of the statement heels as well. Can't beilive I never checked out the 5K shop, they have some amazing items which I'll probably be getting when I'm richer. I suggest putting the direct link as people might want to purchase this item.
    Princess Audu

    1. I know right..It was my fav too, lolll me too can't wait to buy more when I'm richer too :D 👼 thank you love and I have updated it and added the link.

  3. You look too neat
    I love this jacket
    Always wanted one...will get one as soon as God provides.
    I love those shoes...and the second look is my fav!too awesome


    1. Thank you boo, it will look amazing on you tho :*

  4. I love how you styled the jacket in the 2 looks, knowing myself i probably would have added a little belt to hold it in place, but all in all amazing.

    Simply Uneeke


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