25 Oct 2015

What's in my bag

Hey Guys
So I decided to do the what's in my bag post and show a peek of what's in my bag. Just so you know I am a notorious over-packer, like God help me but even when I carry a small bag I tend to put a lot of things in it and I actually force myself to actually pick out somethings.
So these are the most essential items I put in my bag if they fit :D

Book and pen: This is basically something I always have in my bag because I always write my plans for the day and this has helped me a lot because I basically don't want to come back home saying omg I forgot to do this and that.

Jewellery:  I always have a wristwatch and rings or glasses in my bag because most of the time I dress up and rush out of the house, and get to put on my jewelries when I am in the car or when I get to my destination :) lol yes I do this a lot.

Perfume, Hand-cream, Deodorant: I always have these in my bags because as a student and all the walking and things I have to do it can get really hot and sweaty and a girls got to smell really nice every time of the day.

Beauty essentials: For touching up when needed like powder, face brush, hair brush, lipstick, lip pencil.

Phone, charger, power-bank: You didn't expect me not to add this right?.....can I really live without my phone :D

Purse: Everyone knows this is important and there is no way it won't be in my bag.

Btw there is a lot more that goes into my bag but I am trying not to look too crazy so I reduced them
but what the hell let me spill a bit. There is a pocket tissue, hand sanitizer, umbrella and flip-flops sometimes.
Ok I will stop here!

Hope you've enjoyed todays post, and have a lovely week ahead! what are your bag necessities that you can't leave the house without?

Thank you for visiting


  1. Haha girl you and I, I don't know who carries more stuff! I also have an umbrella, Sanitizer (because medical student and all the nonsense I get to touch), even water bottle, sanitary pads(when not needed o) etc ..lol girls have too much wahala

  2. And I thought I was alone in overpacking especially the umbrella part..lol
    I love your bag tho...thinking of putting up something like this on my blog...thanks for the inspiration.
    let it be known that I happily copied from you.


    1. Lolll I am bad at packing :D lolll u are allowed to happily copy :)


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