2 Oct 2015

A black dress and a blazer

Hey Everyone!!
Forgive me for not posting a lot but so many things has been happening these past months and I feel bad because consistency is key and I have been lacking really bad!!
I will probably make a post about why but till then I am super sorry and I promise I am back!! my full blogging mojo is back and I wont lie, I am pretty excited about all the new ideas I have for the blog.

So today I wanted to wear something really simple yet chic and I really, really love this dress and I have worn it a lot but I still love it.
I really like wearing dresses and blazers because I think it just changes the whole outfit from playful to a bit serious, if you look HERE I wore this dress to the beach and adding a blazer to it makes it a bit different. I do this when I want to take my outfit to a whole different level and want to change the tone of my outfit to suit the Occassion.
This is definitely one way to wear a blazer, when you are trying to make a playful or a summer dress work by dressing it up and getting a chic or sophisticated look.
I think it's time to look into your closet and bring out all the amazing maxi, short, playful dresses you have and throw on a blazer that fits and with a pair of heels added too, you can totally rock that outfit :).
Do you like this look? would you try it?
Thank you for visiting
Have a nice day

Dress: SheInside

Blazer: SheInside

Shoes: Shoe Republic La

Bag: Micheal kors



  1. I'm so glad you will continue blogging, because you're really one of my favs ♥!
    Perfect dress.

    1. Aww thank you Johanka :) you are also one of my favs...love your blog :)

  2. Very chic outfit and really clean photography. Loveeee!


  3. I love the dress!! Serving us legs for days ayee

  4. Nice outfit. I however intend to help this blazer disappear from your wardrobe one of these days :)


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