27 Sep 2015

About Me!!

Hi Everyone! I'm Larisa Gbubemi Ejutemieden a twenty something year old law student currently living in Abuja Nigeria and doing her law school. 
In June 2014 I created Larisasdiary to document my love for fashion, beauty and every other thing I love. Larisasdiary is an outlet where I share my personal style, beauty tips, food, designs and so much more.

Why I started blogging: To be honest I started blogging because I was a law student and I always had to wear black and white everyday, with my passion for fashion and my laziness to go out, I had so much clothes I didn't wear and I really wanted a place where I share my love for colours, prints, amazing outfits and a lil bit about my life. My goal is to inspire and encourage people through fashion, beauty and everything else that interests me. My style is heavily influenced by my mood and the music I listen to and I am really happy to share what I do with people, It gives me so much joy when I hit publish.

Few Facts about me: 

1. I am really petite, people tell me I look bigger in pictures, I have 3 younger sisters and they all look older than me.

2. I love strawberry milkshake and you can totally buy me with one lol!

3. I love glee because I love to sing along.

you can learn more facts about me HERE

Get inspired, and welcome to my world.

For any inquiries, please kindly contact: funkeegurll@yahoo.com

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  2. Haha yay to being an Abuja based blogger and double yay for being a lawyer (soon)!



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