27 May 2015

Styling a floral print top

 Hey Guys
How is everyone? I hope you are having an amazing day 
So sorry I have been away for a while been trying to settle down in Nigeria after having so much fun in Accra for three days with friends :D
But I am back now so let's have some fun.

 Today I am going to talk about how to style a floral outfit, florals is a must have and I think you definitely need some floral prints and patterns in your wardrobe, especially leafy prints which have been a trend for a while and they always look amazing when I see it on people, and so when I saw this one was on sale on missguided last year, I had to quickly order it lol!
I have worn this crop top a lot and paired it in different ways which has been so much fun, I have paired with high waisted jeans, skater skirts, shorts and so much more. In my opinion white is really perfect to wear with a floral top because it looks so fresh and amazing ( to me tho) and that was why I decided to pair mine with this midi skater skirt from misguided as well ( styled in a different way Here , and a white ankle strap heels with white clutch.
I hope you like?

styling a floral print top
Top: Misguided//  get check here Skirt: Misguided// Bag: Thrifted// Shoes: Shoe republic La
Photo: EHCUCLAIRE on Instagram
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  1. Love how you styled it ,you look angelic

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  2. perfectly styled
    Hey dear....can you tell me the resolution of your pictures before you upload them?mine is either too small or running off the page and I love my pictures looking bright

    Also...what I love the blog layout.am such a "learner" when it comes to blogging so if you don't mind telling me....would appreciate

    Forgive the questions biko :D


    1. Thanks love, ok so I am so bad at this lol I actually went to look for how to check for the resolution for you, I really dont understand it tho but this particular pictures the resoultion is 240 but my old pics are 72 ( dont get it tho lol) while I upload on blogger I normally click the picture and choose the original picture option because I found out it was clearer and better than when I chose large picture..hopefully this helps, didn't really get the second question but i got my blog layout from http://www.pipdig.co so you can check them out and trust me lol I hardly know a lot I am still a super learner, I basically go on youtube to learn how to do things for the blog :D and its fine..if you have anymore question, will be glad to help.

  3. One thing is to have a dress another is to know how to wear them.. You have done a good job.


  4. You always look gorgeous. Welcome back.
    Thanks for the tip, the one you shared with enkay, I was using large for my pictures just tested one with original size and it looks amazing.

  5. Fab look. That shirt is so glam.

  6. I love this look!

  7. Simply beautiful my love. Muah! Wink!

  8. Looking like you stepped out of vouge. STUNNING! x
    Jess x


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