25 Apr 2015

Definition Clothing

                                                                            Hey Guys
                                             I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend
            Sorry I haven't been posting a lot because I have exams, will be done soon so please bear with me.
I am wearing an outfit from the definition clothing..they have amazing outfits and you don't wanna know how excited I was when I got this outfit, it's a perfect monochrome look and I decided to pair with the statement necklace and hat with my gold ankle strap heels because I wanted to look amazing and dramatic *sue me* :D. please check out their Instagram page and get ready to drool, will leave their contact details below.

And as you can see a photographer took the pictures so it's different compared to my 650d pictures lol!!! but oh well...trying something different is nice sometimes. so back to my books... wish me luck guys.

                                                             Thank you for visiting

Outfit: Instagram: thedefinitionclothing//wini_idundun// enquiries@thedefinitionclothing.com
photography: cliqkofi on Instagram
Shoes: shoe republic la



  1. This dress is all shades of amazing!! Lovely pictures!!

    The Fashion Engineer

  2. I fell in love at first sight..so making my own version of this skirt. U look beautiful dear and good luck in your exams


    1. Aww thank you love :) me too I was obsessed!!! Thanks love.

  3. Oh it's a dress? Thought it was a skirt, I love it!


  4. Fierce... I can palpate ur confidence frim here


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