22 Mar 2015

My life lately

                                                                         Hey Guys
                           2015 has been all sorts of serious for me and it's been stress, stress, stress 
                                                                 and that's why I haven't 
                       been posting a lot and so I decided to share somethings and tell a bit about how
                                                                 life has been in 2015.

LIFE: 2015 has been amazing in so many ways but still  a lot of troubles and stress but God is amazing and he has helped and I know this year is going to be amazing for me. 

BLOG: So if you noticed I haven't posted in a while and just so you know I took a break to re-evaluate my life, to think about why I started blogging, to renew my passion for blogging again..because lately it became a chore and I needed to take a break and make time for myself so I can plan and make good contents for the blog, get better at writing, have a schedule, set goals for the blog and master time management as well. so be patient with me guys, a fashion post on its way soon...I love blogging and I want to be almost perfect at it and be in love with it too.

CHRISTIAN LIFE: like I said 2015 hasn't been rosy but I see myself writing a blogpost next month about how God has been amazing and how he has helped me go from 0 to hero real quick. The love of God has kept me and I just want to say Jesus loves you and even in your struggles he will be with you. My church has this beach worship programme next week and I cant wait, it's going to be an amazing experience.

SCHOOL: Ok so final year is stress, when I was in 3rd year I used to think the final year students were chilling lol! yeah right!!! I have project, test and so much work before exams next month so if I don't post a lot don't worry cause I'll be back with full force.

HEALTH: Time to workout and get the 2015 beach body!!!! and I have decided to drink a lot of water...because tbh water isn't my best friend.

Yeah! so a lil update about my life right now. I am actually just sitting in bed reading magazines and planning, will be back with a fashion blogpost soon watch out.

                                                                           Have an amazing week


  1. As I always say thank God for God, I'm looking forward to your post on that. In the meantime enjoy your break, it's a great way to regroup.

    Princess Audu

  2. I also thought finally year was chilling until project came and it seemed as though my lecturers are out to destroy me.


  3. Taking a step back is always a good thing because it helps to put things into perspective, without any pressure. All the best!


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