2 Mar 2015

Hot Red

                                                                         Hey Hey

                                                            Happy new month guys
          We all have that one dress that's such a big deal and really out there that we can't wear twice or               can't wear like a lot. Dresses for big events like dinners, red carpet events and so on that                 everyone was so in love with and if you wear the dress again they will remember, but.. oh well
                                  theres always a way around things and I wanna share my tips
I got this dress last year for a school dinner and it was a long dress with flare and it looked really                   glamorous at that time but imagine how annoying it was when I realised later that I can't
wear the dress anywhere exactly the way it looked, I loved the dress so much I had to come
                                                    up with how to make it wearable again.
There wasn't a lot I could do with the dress except cutting it and making it a short dress, I would have loved to make it a midi dress but, it's kinda impossible because of the flare, but, I still love it short tho, decided to pair it with my gold ankle strap heels to make it pop.
One reason fashion is fun is the ability to wear things in different ways and so I refuse to accept
the "you can't wear a dress more than once" myth lol! this dress can be made into a top as well or it can be worn with a midi skirt, flare skirt, long skirt, skater skirt and so much more.
                             Will make a post of the different ways it can be styled soon.
            I hope you learnt this little secret today lol, will do a lil throwback and post a picture of the                                                                         dress before now.
                                                    Long or short which do you prefer?

                                                                      Have an Amazing week

Dress: Kamaliya

Shoes: Shoe republic la


  1. I prefer it long :) U look beautiful both ways btw!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Short or long, it's a beautiful dress. I do prefer it long sha.


  4. Lovely dress, such a showstopper. I get why you had to recreate, I prefer it long though.

    Princess Audu

  5. love the dress you look adorable. I prefer it long dou.!

  6. Yess!
    I think there's this unspoken rule about not repeating an outfit twice, whyy?
    Prefer the dress shorter, it's flirty ;)



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