18 Feb 2015

Style Your Story

                                                                         Hey guys
I hope everyone is having an amazing week because I am, last week was all sorts of beautiful for me to..I got older, wiser and smarter.
So as a law student I should be tired of black and white because thats what I wear to class everyday but recently I  realised that I have a lot of these colours that I cant wear to class and so I will just have to share anyway and I hope you don't get bored :D
Some people say this is a very boring colour but sometimes you can make it come alive, make it unique and exciting lol! well I got excited when I added the kente bow tie my friend gave me *I am weird...I know* but I felt like this was my life and I can spice it up by adding a lil bit of extra something to make it different this year just like what I did with the outfit so yea, I am styling my story...well I really love this look and I hope you like too.

Shirt: Next
Skirt: Boohoo
Shoes: Romwe
Kente Bowtie: somewhere in Ghana


  1. Nice outfit and I like your bowtie


  2. Girl you are beautiful. This is is a very effortless chic look. Love it.

  3. Nice look, I hope you had fun on your birthday.


  4. The bow did add a spice to it
    Very beautiful look
    Would like to feature you on my blog if u don't mind.
    Send me an email on datdamnchic@gmail.com if u are interested
    Hoping to hear from you



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