23 Feb 2015

Colours make me happy


                                                                      Hey Guys
                                             Happy new week ;) Its gonna be amazing
                  I hope everyone is having fun as for me I am just trying to destress lol!
              I have like A lot of things to do and I feel like I Dont have a lot of time but
                                             someone told me there is always
time, if you want to do something and I kinda realise I spend about an hour a day watching movies
which is a total waste of time...so I put it in my head that there is always time and ill find it and its
                                                       being working out fine.
So recently if you noticed a lot of my blog outfits are black or white and I needed to change that :D
I have colours and I asked myself why I still settle with those colours when I am a law student and                                  should be tired of them already and decided to change.
So I checked and started bringing out all the colours from my closet lol! and my friend asked me about this dress and I remembered and thats how I came up with todays outfit and I totally love the dress, I have never worn it and I wonder why...smh.
This orange bag is my birthday present from my love :D and I think it goes perfectly with the dress and the whole colour blocking idea..paired with my gold heels and pearl necklace and thats it.
                   I was really excited about this post so yeah! colours make me Happy.

                                                              Thank you for visiting

Dress: She-inside
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Shoe republic la
Necklace: Romwe



  1. Cute dress, I definitely need to rock more colours, been slacking on that. I love the color blocking with the bag which is lovely by the way, you bf has great taste.

    Princess Audu

  2. nice..love yellow.x

  3. I've noticed you shop from Ali Express & She Inside, are they legit and all?
    Love the gold sandals by the way.


    1. Yea love proper legit you should try them and thanks love :)


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