12 Feb 2015

Birthday girl

                                                                         Hey Guys

                                                     Its my Birthday February baby
So I am very excited about my birthday...because God has been amazing to me even though 2015 has not been the best but I know something good is coming. Just realised I am getting old oops.
Thankful for a lot of things, I started this Blog in June last year and on this day last year I was thinking of how to start with a lot of doubt in my head but I asked God for strength and I started anyway and here I am. Thankful for my life, family, friends,love, readers... you guys are Amazing :) and the Under G readers that never comment but come here...Love you guys but its my Birthday so say something today at least :)
                                           I just want to say thank you lord!!!!!!

Decided to do the bloggers balloon thing lol! and I did, I wanted to look playful, sexy and fun at the same time..I hope I got it right and you like my Birthday outfit.

                                And yes I jumped without my shoes on! take that! :D
Top: Misguided
Skirt: Romwe
Necklace: Romwe
Shoes: Romwe

                                                        Thank you for visiting



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