4 Feb 2015


                                                                             Hey Guys
                                              How is everything going..I hope it is amazing :)
Its a beautiful Wednesday morning and I am excited because its my Birthday next week and I love February and I am a bit excited about everything lately and God has been amazing to me, 2015 is going to be a year of Growth. And I have been eating a lot lol! see the fat face, I am about to go to the gym and get that birthday body and face before next week *I hope* :D

 I got this Top from misguided and I have been thinking about how to wear it and I came up with this outfit :) its a crop top actually and I wore the back of the top because I liked it better and the front is just plain. So if you have any top that u can wear both ways do not hesitate to try, lets experiment in 2015. Paired it with my white pants and pumps and thats it... a typical outfit you can wear to an event or anywhere you wanna look a bit serious.

                                  Have an amazing week guys and thanks for visiting

Top: misguided

Pants: Aliexpress

Shoes:Forever 21

Bag: Forever 21


  1. u look stunning
    i love the shoes


  2. I love that you wore the crop top backwards, I think it looks better styled that way. Happy birthday in advance, good luck loosing the extra pounds as well, I'm on the same journey as well

    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you dear and goodluck to you too xoxo

  3. You look absolutely divine. Love the whole look. The shirt is fab.

  4. It's certified,you have a thing for white
    Giveaway your shoes on your birthday...lol
    they look amazing and very creative of you to wear the back of the top...I like


    1. Lol! I need to stop i noticed too :D I should really giveout the shoes too hehe thank you bbz xoxo


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