7 Jan 2015


Hey guys

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot even when there is no school work *coversface*
                 Its laziness as well as the cold but I'll post a lot this week so watch out :)
So for some weird reason I have been obsessed with black lately and I just don't want to stop
                                 loving it, well I'll enjoy and rock it till I get tired.
Its really cold and I was freezing taking these pictures lol! and it was snowing too..you can see it in
some of the pictures and I already planned this outfit in my head and I wasn't going to change it
                    for anything, not even the snow. I miss Naija weather so much at the moment.
                                             Bloggers that live here are trying!!!!!
  Ok back to my love for black, I got this crop top from Kamkpe.com paired with my black pants
                  and blazer and I wanted a bit of colour so I decided to add this bag my sister got me.
                                                  Anyway I hope you like :)

Top: kamkpe.com get HERE Pants: Forever 21HERE  Bag: Forever 21 HERE Shoes: Vince camuto

                                                         Have an amazing week guys



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