9 Nov 2014

Wang inspired day

                                                                        Hey guys
Happy new week, i hope everyone is fine and having fun... well i have been so busy with school, law is so stressful omg! but what can i do :D, anyways i am super excited and God has been good. I miss sitting, watching movies and sleeping ...so yeah i cant wait for christmas.
     I took a few hours off  to go visit my friend and have fun and of course she took me pictures

                                            I had so much fun yesterday sigh...i needed it :p
Ignore this pose LOL!!!

                          Now for the outfit....I got this dress from sheinside.com and i love it because it is something i can just throw on and jump and fly with lol!!! and tbh i need more of this..its totally stress free and chic...to me tho ;)

                            Decided to pair this with my Alexander wang inspired caged replica shoes..ok ok... i love the shoes and saw the affordable version and got it for less, i am not a billionaire and money doesn't grow on trees and i know they aren't wang but i love them as they are... and i cant wait to rock these with more outfits.
                          Got this shoes on udobuy.kancart.com for like 52 dollars and it was on sale when i got it and i think its worth it maybe?...oh and ignore my weird feet :), you can also get these shoes on Aliexpress.

                              well, hope you enjoyed looking at my outfit and my weird poses :)
                                                                     have a nice week
                   Dress: Sheinside  // Shoes:Alexander wang inspired caged shoe // Bag: Forever 21


  1. sheinside.com has lovely print dresses but they take time to deliver :(love this dress on you!

    1. I know right..it takes forever lol thank you :)

  2. Love the dress and those shoes man are just gorg


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