2 Nov 2014

Hello white!!

                                                                        Hey guys,
           Happy sunday, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, mine was stressful but i loved it :D
well its been amazing and i decided to have fun and chill and enjoy myself.. well not too much because final year is so much stress but God has been good and yay i decided to take pictures for the blog after this past week stress to make myself happy and trust me it worked :D

                        I really want to share something i found in a Joyce Meyer book ( Endurance produces joy: when you are experiencing pain, do not fight it, allow it to accomplish its purpose, remember this promise " those who sow in tears reap in joy and singing" Psalm 126:5...so learn to endure whatever you need to, knowing that there is joy on the other side!)
                      Healing may be painful but you have nothing to lose, you are hurting anyway; you may as well reap the full benefit of your suffering.
                                                         Jesus loves you.

lol this smile!! ignore the teeth :D 

         So i decided to go all white today (well almost) , i love white... well not white and black because i basically wear white and black everyday for classes (law student problems) i just love white!
       I got this skirt from misguided recently and i am obsessed because its white, and skaterish ( yea i made that up) and paired with my shoes and amazing necklace that i love so much :D.
                     Try to recreate this look guys, it would look amazing on you..i feel it lol!
                              Anyways have a nice week guys, comment and share mwahhh!!!!

                          Top: Romwe// Skirt: Misguided// Shoes: Losland// necklace: Sheinside


  1. Love this look. Total sophistication and flirty at the same time

  2. gorgeous as always!!! ur necklace is everything!!! :)

  3. This is stunning. I adore your skirt and your addition of the statement necklace.

    Princess Audu


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