18 Oct 2014

Sometimes Vintage


                                                                          hey hey
                       I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend...because mine is amazing!!!!!
So my friend gave me this vintage skirt like a month ago and i took pictures but never posted...i am weird i know lol! well i found the skirt and remembered i needed to post this.
   I really love the colour of the skirt and everything about it, its weird because i never really like things like this but i decided to try new things and so here, i really just wanted to play with it and i wore it with a white top and white heels, well i hope you like? yay or nay? :)

               I miss writing the song i zone out to while i write a post, well todays songspiration is Special Fever by Darey go find it ;).

                                                         Have a nice weekend guys



  1. I cam see why you love it,it's gorg. It's sort of got that gypsy thing going,lol. It's a yay for me.
    Lhurve Davies

    1. Loll thank you.. I know right so oldies :D

  2. it's a nah for me tbh ..looks cheap and all not classy at all.

  3. abeg...larisa u look gorg



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