20 Oct 2014

More colours, More fun

                                                                     hey guys
             So i decided to create a schedule because law books wont let me rest *sigh* lol! so i can take pictures for the blog and be happy :D

            I have been been thinking of what to wear like a lot lately and i felt like i didn't have clothes ( well everyone says that) and so i turned my wardrobe upside down and i saw a lot of things i have never worn and thats how i came up with this outfit, got this top from a random shop like 3 years ago and i recently got the skirt from kampke.com and paired with this red pumps because i wanted more colours, for some weird reason i have been obsessed with colours lately.

                                                oh and like my funny pose or nah lol!
                                                     True happiness Matthew 5: 3-11

                             Top: Random shop/ skirt: Kampke.com / shoes: Dorothy Perkins


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