20 Sep 2014

True Colours Shinning

                                                                 Hey guys,
  I hope everyone is having an amazing saturday :) well stuck with school work so mine is a bit bleh lol!

 Back to school so law books all over again, sorry guys if i post once in a while, will make it up i promise, in Ghana now and its so hot... omg and since i started blogging i haven't been here so now i have to look for perfect spots to take blog pictures :D so get ready lol!

 So i was in Warri like 2 weeks ago...yea heard of it? in delta state Nigeria( of course you have) and my friend told me about this beach like looking place(yeah i made that up) and so i decided to take pictures there, we had a mini picnic and the place was so cool and we just chilled and of course i took pictures.

  I wore this lovely crop top and palazzo pants and decided to wear a hat cause well it just felt right and i love the colours, pattern and everything going on. I would say this is an almost beach look because the palazzo pants would be a struggle to wear on the beach but i think it is perfect and so you can recreate it.

                                          Have fun and a nice weekend guys and always smile

                                       Top: charlotte russe// pants: thrifted// bag: forever 21



  1. stunning !! love the outfit !!

  2. love this look
    its very simple


  3. You've been nominated for an award, post on my blog


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