22 Aug 2014

Fridays we wear red

                                                                    Hey guys

I hope everyone had a nice week...its weekend again yay!!!!  So have so much fun as you can because its good for the body :).

As for me ill just be thinking about my life and trying to figure things out and get some quiet time because i really need. I don't have much to say today but smile always and be happy.

Its been raining for 3 days now and i have a lot of things i need to share on the blog but the rain wont let me lol, well I had to try and take this pictures for the blog without my natural filter lol.. I hope you like :)

This is basically how i feel and i just want to share, saw this quote in a book and i love it, it has been in my head and it is so true.

                  "When life gets tough, which it has a time or two, all i need to do is turn to God, the real father. The peace and love i find in his arms somehow makes me thankful for the trials that sent me there".

                                                Have a nice weekend guys xoxo

                Shirt: Thrifted/ Skirt: Jane Norman/ Bag: Forever 21/ Shoes: Shoe republic la.



  1. I spent my saturday indoors figuring life out and reading too. lol. I love your skirt!


  2. looking beautiful
    your makeup is on point
    love your skirt


    1. Thank you bbz lol i am still learning xoxo


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