8 Jul 2014


Hello :D

                                                             Hey guys!!!!!!!!
 How are you guys doing...i hope everyone is having fun, because i am trying to lol.... well this past week has been stressful for moi..my lens broke but God answered my prayers instantly and i got another one ...isn't he amazing?
     This past week experience made me realize that God is always there, just don't worry and leave the problem to him, he would solve it :D.

             So i decided to try denim on denim..and i love it, with my animal print shoes, well i actually don't know what to say anymore lol! i am just so excited so have a nice week guys xoxo.
               Dan Gable~~~ "Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They are made of sweat, determination, and hard-to-follow alloy called guts,"

                    Jean top: Mr price/ American apparel jeans/ new look shoes/ Aldo bag.



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